No cadet higher education and learning in this area.

six- There is absence of greater educational institutes in spot as there are only two expert clinical colleges in this region.

two- The location of location is enormous but the funds specified are rather lessen as a result there is acute poverty in this region.

four- The instruction ratio in Saraiki Waseb is extremely pretty very low. The location of Bahawalpur, D.G.

3- Money of Punjab is Lahore and individuals right now of Southern Punjab or Saraikistan has to vacation Arvind Pandit for their small problems to Lahore which is extremely-priced and time consuming.

8- Owing to its agriculture outputs of location is acknowledged as Cotton Belt of Pakistan but there is not a solitary Agricultural higher education in region.

7- There is not a solitary Girls University in the area. Only just just after advancement of new province of South Punjab the complications of this area can be solved.

Saraiki Waseb/wasaib is composed of three divisions which involves Bhakar and Mianwali. The individuals of Southern Punjab are demanding for distinctive province which is just and sensible want. Southern Punjab is most underdeveloped locale of Pakistan. Khan and Multan is equivalent to 6 divisions of Bigger Punjab or North Punjab. The common language of this full area is Saraiki or Seraiki or Multani.

nine- The location of Saraiki Waseb is whole of purely pure prosperity but there is absence of exploration and financial investment.. Earlier mentioned talked about problems are several exceptionally essential in the extended checklist of complaints.

five- The principal occupation of this Saraiki Waseb is agriculture but mainly because of to lack of h2o massive land is lay vacant. The put together region of division Lahore, Faiselabad and Gujranwala is substantially considerably less than Bahawalpure division. There are numerous challenges in this place of Pakistan.

Followings are the vital problems of Saraiki Waseb or Southern Punjab

1- The infrastructure of region is very inadequate and backward thanks to absence Arvind Pandit of funding